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Following are some useful links related to telescope making and amateur astronomy:

Stellafane: Home of the Springfield Telescope Makers, Inc, and a great resource for virtually everything ATM.

Francis O'Reilly's YouTube Channel: Francis is an amateur telescope maker living in New York. He has posted a very in-depth and informative series of videos that are packed with great information.

Custom Ground Telescope Mirrors: Waite Research. Gordon Waite makes some beautiful mirrors, many of them in larger sizes up to 24 inches. He also has some very informative videos and information for those who are grinding their own mirrors.

The ATM Site: A great archive of information from numerous scope builders from over the years. This is also the place to sign up for the ATM List, an e-mail discussion forum for all things ATM.

The Boise Astronomical Society: My home astronomical society. If you're ever in town, look us up!

The Astronomical League: Chances are, if you are making your own mirror and looking for ronchi gratings, you already know about the Astronomical League. This is the orgaization that administers the observing club awards and provides a wealth of information about the night sky.

Astronomy Picture of the Day: This is a cool site with a new photo every day related to astronomy. I keep it open full-time in my browser, and it's one of the first things I look at every morning.

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