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Ronchi Screens FAQ

What resolution are you screens printed at?
All of our screens are printed at 2400 dpi on clear plastic film in a process that provides maximum contrast. The blacks are black, and the lines are sharp.

What resolution screens do you offer?
We offer screens in standard resolutions of 65 LPI, 85 LPI and 133 LPI.

What if I want a screen resolution that you don't offer?
That's something we can take care of for you. Just send us an e-mail outlining what you need. We can print good line screens up to 200 LPI. (Of course, custom charges may apply, but we try to keep things as affordable as possible).

What if there is a problem with a screen that I received?
Just send us an e-mail and we will make it right. It's incredibly easy for us to send out a replacement screen or even refund your money if we need to. However, we are very careful when producing and mounting screens, so hopefully we never fall short of your expectations.

How are your screens shipped?
Every screen is mounted in a protective slide holder. It is then sandwiched between two pieces of poster board and shipped in a padded envelope to ensure protection from our door to yours. We use the US Post Office for our shipping.

What are shipping costs like?
Domestic standard shipping is $2.50 and should take no more than 5 days to get to you. Standard international shipping is $7.50, and time can vary greatly depending on which country you are in. Expedited international shipping is $15.00. Again, time varies depending on your country, but the US Post Office says it should reach anywhere in the world within 10 days.

How is payment handled? Do I need a PayPal account?
PayPal makes it incredibly easy to take payments online without expensive merchant service accounts. We use PayPal to accept payment either from your PayPal account, credit or debit card, or as a bank transfer. You do not need to have a PayPal account to use our checkout system.

Is the payment process secure?
PayPal is incredibly secure, and easy to use. They have the technology to ensure a smooth, safe transaction.

How can I contact you?
E-mail is the best method of contact since I do this on the side. Click here to send a message and I will get back to you as quick as I can.

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