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Thanks for checking out Ronchi I am admittedly new to the hobby of amateur astronomy, not to mention amateur telescope making and mirror making. However, I have been in the printing business for more than 10 years. When I saw a need in the ATM market for quality ronchi screens I knew that I could provide a quality product using the resources available to me as a printer.

My first mirror was a 10" f/7 and was a great experience. After that I was hooked. I'm currently working on an 8" project that is measuring much shorter than I intended after a couple hours of polishing. It's measuring f/4.25 -- and this is just my second mirror. It looks like I'm in for another uphill climb through the learning curve! It'll be an adventure.

Please feel free to contact me through e-mail if you have any questions about my Ronchi screens, or to follow up on your order. If you are looking for a specific resolution, I can produce custom screens up to 200 LPI.

Joe Rowley
Boise, Idaho

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